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“You can always train the technical piece, but you can’t train the personalities,” says Scott Gordon, Dataprise president.Since creating its internship program, which relies on a local community college as a feeder, Dataprise has brought on 100 percent of the interns coming through as full-time employees. IDG FINRA tapped engineering expertise at its partners, leading cloud software providers like Hortonworks, Amazon and Cloudera, to come in and train its IT staff.

With so much riding on digital transformation, the emphasis on career development and employee enrichment has become a crucial tool for developing and retaining a solid talent bench capable of meeting core business objectives, survey participants said.Moreover, the LinkedIn survey revealed that employees don’t maximize participation in continuous learning programs mostly because they aren’t afforded the time or they are not readily accessible.
Employers that carved out opportunity and provided ready access to learning initiatives were generally viewed as preferred workplaces that are committed to their employees’ best interests.From the company perspective, training for soft skills and the identification of industry trends to prevent internal skill gaps were the top priorities for businesses as they grapple with the short shelf life of skills while aiming to attract the best talent to achieve core business objectives, the LinkedIn survey found.IT workers at FINRA: (front, left to right) Ian Clar, Daniel Monteiro, Shoby Varghese, Arun Loitongbam; (back, left to right) Akanksha Luthra, Rene Arellano, Apul Mishra and Samir Lipovaca.“We developed expertise and in-house training for hundreds of employees to be able to figure this out themselves,” says Steve Randich, FINRA’s executive vice president and CIO. “It’s about how to position everyone to be change ready.

8 in training.

Palmarès Best Workplaces France 2020 ; Palmarès Best Workplaces France 2020 - + de 2500.


For one-on-one development, the One IT Mentoring initiative takes advantage of the company’s global network to connect employees from different teams, sites, and backgrounds.Throughout each leg of the training and development initiatives, the focal point is not technology, but rather on how to apply technology to tackle specific business problems.

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8 in training.

Outstanding benefits and top salaries certainly help, but there’s a lot more to it than that.And there’s a common thread running through the organizations that made it to our 2020 list: a willingness to invest in employees through training and career development initiatives.

However, Kaderabek was committed to doing so with one caveat: Employees needed to self-direct their own training and development, as opposed to relying on managers to assign specific courses or formalize long-term career pathways.“The opportunity for education is huge, but we’re letting people run their own careers,” he explains.

“If you look at our technology management team, it’s absolutely grown from within as opposed to acquiring from outside,” Randich says.

“Of 150 recent projects, we didn’t have a single one that was a big failure or blew a budget.

Once approved by a manager, employees can take graduate-level coursework in areas like AI and cybersecurity. © Great Place To Work® Institute.

She’s even experimented with some of the numerous diversity and inclusion programs Zebra offers, all with an eye towards enriching her personal development and shaping her IT career path.“Since taking these courses, I have already noticed a difference in many areas of my leadership, including my ability to lead and motivate my team members as well as display confidence in my decision-making and my own self-confidence as a leader,” says Yellaturu, who was recently promoted to senior manager, IT.

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