bonobos tech shorts

Might not be everyone’s cup of tea though.Well, welcome to Dappered. Bonobos Tech 5-Pocket Pant — $178: These pants are by no means cheap.

Sizes are all over the place depending on the color and pattern. Not bad though.A true golf pant. Basic, do-anything colors. However, while many men take this to mean it’s fine to stroll about in sweat shorts and a tank top, classier folk know that such outfits should be reserved for the gym. Sixty bucks is still no small ask (the BR core temp drops under that price all the time).

Nylon + stretch wicking quick dry fabric.

Speaking of, these are, indeed, a classic 5-pocket pant. So, the Bonobos tech short, basically. (Joe they said it’s a warehouse sale.) Look, they’re 60% wool / 40% poly, but c’mon. These are almost all-wool or mainly wool jackets with killer patterns.

87% Nylon and 13% Spandex. Labor Day is almost here. Or… wherever. Expect your package to arrive with a couple days, often even, depending where you live, The key to the best tech wear is when you really, truly cannot tell that there is anything special about the fabric, or the way the garment looks.
And you love tech pants?

First, these are linen blend.

(Actually, These pants are super well made, and there are a ton of details as well in the construction.

Bonobos often nails their staging/styling for product shots. With that being the case, I love how these pants fit, and find them to pretty much be perfect. (Joe they said it’s a warehouse sale.) Picks are below. There will be more, and this’ll be updated.

YEAH I KNOW but how big is this warehouse? Great look. Bonobos, home of better-fitting menswear and an easier shopping experience. Aenean eu leo quam. Was going for $112 when they ran that extra 60% off code a while back.Wrinkle resistant, machine washable, crisp cotton w/ some stretch work pants.

Cotton/silk blend.

Unconstructed Italian Linen Blazers – $148 FINAL ($450) Was just $315. While we have noted some sizing and fit inconsistencies with Bonobos in the past, these pants are pretty true to how the Tailored Fit from Bonobos is supposed to fit, so I would assume the same applies for the whole line. Oxford cloth. Doesn’t mean you have to limit them to the course. Meaning, they’re styled a bit more like jeans, and thus a bit more casual, with rounded pockets (as opposed to slanted ones), rear patch pockets (as opposed to slits), and that extra fifth pocket in the front right pocket as well. From what I can tell? Apparently, quite a few.

So you best be sure about this stuff. Free shipping & Returns. Because that jacket has no business being at $150. To even the very well trained eye, these pants look like any ol’ chinos / 5-pocket pants. There’s plenty of options/colors in their standard chino feel, only lightened up for the heat. Just when you think they’ve thrown the kitchen sink at us, they reach into the cabinet under where the sink used to be, pull out another, bigger sink, and chuck that sucker our way.The catch is that all of this stuff is final sale.
Where’d they dig these things out from? Here you are.Back down to $128, which is, in fact, where they were at during the last “extra 60% off” sale items deal. Final sale like everything else though. So, the Bonobos tech short, basically.Cords? Nice blazer. Is the friggin’ Was stuck at $90 for a while. Like those Popsicle pants.And now, the shorts version. Stretch wool at that. No returns. Needless to say, Bonobos shipping is super fast, and totally free. Find the perfect fit paired with a great deals on chinos, dress shirts, suits & more.

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